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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 5, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> passengers didn't know what the schedule would be. some sped through, one stopped moments before 3:00 p.m. >> the newspaper this morning said it's on strike. and when i saw the bus booth, i got goose bump autos it's great for people across the bay and not to have to deal with traffic and gridlock. bart says it needed several hours toin suspect cars, stations and tracks and other equipment before reopen to the public. >> abc 7 news was there, live, tweeting when trains started running again. these pictures taken by abc 7 news reporter showing yellow security tape going down and people boarding trains.
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and let's give you a look outside of the traffic right now. skyway a lot of traffic as people head to the giants game. and because the a lot of people decided to make it a four day weekend, headlights head together bay bridge. and at the toll bridge, traffic as been backed up but it's a smoother commute for people with fast track. that is a bit more efficient. >> despite holiday weekend many still had to work unfortunately that wasn't enough. people were left behind in walnut creek, many people complained, bart sent another bus to pick them up. anyone purchasing a round trip ticket this morning can take the shuttle back teeft bay tonight. >> for latest traffic
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conditions you can down load our waze app for your smart phone. >> despite the fact trains are rolling there is no final agreement between bart and unions in another possible strike is still a potential development for the future. >> they're taking a break for the weekend. unions tell me they're going to meet with mediateors next week i'm told that two sides did make small progress but they have no agreement on the big issues that are namely pay and benefits. may look like things are back to normal but it's clear from both manment and two unions that there is still a lot of
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work to do. >> we're all working towards trying to get train service back up on monday. just became clear we're going need several days to get a deal in place. that fact is in many ways a large indicator of how far apart they are. >> we're try with the hopes the district will come to the table fully ingauged to work out this contract. >> unions want pay increases of 4.5% per year for three years and bart still offering 2% annually for four years. >> by have a lot of work to do. we stand together expecting to be standing with a fair contract by the end of august, 4th. >> in the meantime, bart workers back on the job after four and a half day strike that left tens of thousands scrambling for alternatives.
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even so it was nothing like this when unions stayed out three months. >> people do find other wayses to get around. but once back in service, everybody came back. didn't take them long. >> you may remember bart rejected idea of a 60 day cooling off concerned that that might led to a strike in september, which ridership is higher. they told me today they're comfortable with this one because it ends in august. both sides say they're confident there will be an agreement by then. >> oaklandsy work qlorz walked off the job for a day are back at the bargaining table. 3500 city workers were
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protesting what they are calling bad faith bargaining over a new contract. >> police release aid disturbing video after san francisco's pride celebration. investigators hoping you can help kacht people bho who did this. surveillance images are graphic and disturbing and outrageous, what is done. for pride that poured and flowed through san francisco it did not end well for everyone. today taking only secondses of a video to serve as a reminder. >> scary this, is a nice neighborhood. >> market where at 1:50 a security camera captured this robbery and assault that ended with a kick to the face and witnesses just walking by.
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police identify the woman as a 20-year-old her identity remains unknown. as well as her reaction. >> for police that video contains a gold mine of information they've arrested three unidentified people two, adult women and one man but the person who delivered the kick remains at large. police want help finding him. they want to know if there are other unreported assault that's night on market street. >> where there hate crimes? n.san francisco last weekend? >> i do not know because of what happened there is nowhere for it to be a hate crime there needs to be certain elements to the crime. >> so for now, no, not a hate crime but a string of assaults are possible on what should have been a weekend of celebration. >> here is a look coming through tweakerers and
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freakers around. you know? >> a deadly house fire devastated a family. the fire killed a couple injuring their son. abc 7 news has the story. >> the flame trapped a husband and wife inside of this garage on 21 street. >> noise, noise saying oh take me out, out. there wsh people inside. >> the 56-year-old is and his wife died of smoke inhalation they'd been married about 30 years. 4th of july began with a loud part yes involving alcohol and illegal fire work as cording to authorities and neighbor autos they were all jumping over fire crackers we thought that was unusual because you
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can get burned you know? but they were jumping over the fire works as they lit them. >> after the party ended the couple's 29-year-old son who is said to be mentally challenged somehow caught on fire tried to go back to his parents setting garage ablaze. authorities investigating whether he may have lit more fire works and tried to jump over them. this man is the brother of the wop who died. >> she's friendly. very nice. very compassionate. took care of the family. especially her, she did all the work. >> this large family swril to plan funerals. >> and investigators expect fire work maze have sparked two wildfires overnight.
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no one was hurt in this instance. flames came close to a herd of goats. crews remained on the scene into mid morning to keep hot spots from flaerg up again that. did not happen. ' private secretary guard faces charges after police say he admitted to shooting two restaurant workers police arrest aid 21-year-old after the shooting inside of the wing stop on lake park avenue monday evening. gurly's family argues he fired in self-defense saying they hid inside of the restaurant freezer when they thought two men were with owe attack them, police say gurly shot and killed two employees when the two checked out what is going on in the rear of the restaurant this, has shocked merchants. >> it was a nightmare. it's -- it's like -- depending on how the story comes down koit have been my store they walked into. >> 22-year-old kenneth omar
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bradley die add long with his co-worker. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00 a dangerous mishap cutting short a 4th of july celebration. >> dozens of spectateors left injure afd this fire works show takes a wrong turn next a live report from where it happened. >> san francisco pets poisoned. how many tainted meat balls police found around a neighborhood. >> i'm spencer christian, temperatures dropping today, coastal fog is back. what can we expect for the weekend? the accu-weather forecast is coming up. >> then after 6:30 a war of words at america's cup. the team threatening to keep th
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oh, oh, my god. oh. >> run, run. >> such a frightening fire works display in southern california fire works started launching in the wrong direction. toward the crowd watching the display. 30 people were injured and authorities are trying to figure out what happened. abc news reporter robbert olguin is live with the latest. robert? >> this piece of wood here is debris that came flying out of the fire works display in a park behind me this, is some of the slappel that came
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flying past thousands of spectators yet, dozens were injured but after looking at video of the event you can see why authorities are saying it could have been worse. a celebration turns chaotic. you can see a display went hay wired. sending shrapnel and debris it was big and bright and scary. everybody was shaking. everybody was, you know upset. >> investigators are still trying to figure out what went wrong at the annual fire works display. in simi valley. >> we're told this is an industrial accident. >> in an afternoon news conference, zpir police officials say the investigation could take weeks. >> we've heard plenty of stories of what might have happened so we're just going to wait. after witness autos officials praised the public for
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evacuating from the park in an orderly fashion. some taken by ambulance. many had been hit by debris. >> so that is what is hitting these people. >> robert live as cross the street. a piece of debris punched a hole through his wooden fence. >> this is a battle zone. >> last night it was staged by a new york-based company called bay fire works. the company says public safety has been a major bri ti at bay fire works. highly qualified staff is trained on a regular basis in the procedures to properly set up and discharge a fire works display. our equipment has been inspected and approved. officials say that professional displays are still a safer way to enjoy fire works it's clear the shows are safer.
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i suspect regulations will be looked at and made safer next time. >> the state fire marshal office and ventura county fire department are investigating and don't have working theories as to what went wrong. but say possibilities include a computer glitch or human error. reporting live from simi valley, abc 7 news. >> 4th of july fire works may be over but police will continue drunk driving patrols tonight and into the weekend. officers will be out in force starting at 7:00 tonight. chp is investigating a crash that took the live of a passenger in saratoga. police will be at it all weekend long trying to keep us safe. >> we had i nice change in
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weather. >> let's look at live doppler 7 hd. sunny skies across bairt area now. except coastal fog here. we expect to it expand. i'll take a look at 24 temperature change in various locations around the bay area. it's 28 degrees cooler. 18 in nef vatto around the bay area, cooling since yesterday. here is a live view looking towards ocean bee. we can see a little bit of low clouds and fog. 61 degrees in san francisco. 66 oakland. 70s in mountain view. on we go to a live view. sunny skies and 79 in santa rosa. 77 fairfield. 69 in livermore. now looking towards mount
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diablo, a bug on the lens enjoying the weather. low clouds, fog moving well inland overnight. cooler pattern holds through tomorrow. no triple digits coming back. low clouds, fog pushing well inland across the bay tonight. it will pull back to the coastline into afternoon hours, overnight tonight cool overnight ask early morning with lows into mid to upper 50s then, tomorrow, sunny skies in the afternoon. south bay highs from low 70s up to about 80. 74 mountain view. highs in the upper 50s at half hoon bay. downtown san francisco, 63
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degrees tomorrow. sunset district 58 degrees. highs from 78 in santa rosa. farther north warmer, 89 in yu kaia. 72 in newark. inland east bay will be nice and pleasantly mild with 82 at fairfield and pittsburgh. here is the accu-weather forecast. so warming up sunday, monday, tuesday, highs top out at about 90 degrees but that is a far cry from 106, 107 and it's going to be a very, very pleasant week ahead. just a little bit of a warm up and cool down. >> thank you. >> coming up, a same-sex wedding in san francisco city hall with special significance. >> official performing thou
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san francisco police searching for clues to figure out who scattered poisoned meat ball as long san francisco streets in the twin peaks and diamond heights naind neighborhood. one dog ate the food and got sick. the 7-year-old receiving care in an animal hospital. good news expected to survive. police say the meat balls appear to have been scattered
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deliberately. >> meat balls were cooked approximately 50 collected by the dog owner and neighbors veet says they looked to have the animal poison strict nine in them. police waiting for lab results to confirm. investigators don't yet have a motive for why this was done. >> a big week coming up for the new bay bridge span. engineers set to present their findings on the steel bolt that's fractured during pressure tests. results have been positive. hundreds of bolts have been tested for britel nis so far, none have failed. that could mean caltrans can put off replacing bolts and open the bridge as scheduled. findings will be announced on wednesday. if they need to be replaced the opening could face long delays. >> there are signs the red hot housing market in the bay area is cooling down this, home
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going for $879,000. in past weekends bids would have arrived before the house was on the market. >> it's been offers without concontinue jens yeez and i think buyers are getting frustrated with that. >> real estate agents point out higher rates are making it harder to borrow money to buy rental properties. a special wedding in san francisco. san francisco deputy marriage commissioner performed 10,000 marriages since 1993 but never been able to get married today after 26 years he and his partner were able to tie the knot thanks to the decision making same-sex marriage legal in california.
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>> i knew this would come about. absolutely. i stand here are and dot weddings and harvey milk's statue is over my left shoulder. we're are very happy. >> what made it more special they met 26 years ago today. >> how wonderful. >> yes. >> well, there are new developments regarding nsa leaker edward snowden. nations offered to take him in. >> plus, anger from family of a woman killed when a tree fell at a summer camp near yosemite. what they say the camp needs to do. >> today's weather kept america's cup boats from sailing today. but the war of words over the face rais is heating up. why the ahead of a team is calling another team names now. >> and the new house for people with sinus problems so severe they need surgery. invention from one company helping paem
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parents of a young woman killed in a freak accident
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this week are upset at how the camp handled the death saying for two days they heard nudging from the camp operators. nick smith has their story. >> i said sent a very, very strong e mail this morning. >> the parents of the 21-year-old anaiis ritenburg are frustrated by the way things have been handled after the death of their daughter because no one from the camp contacted them for two day autos what is wrong with you people? do you have no place grais? no conscience? no empathy? do you not feel anything? >> he is described as full of life and vibrant killed when other staff members were eating breakfast. her father fired after on angry e mail he got a response. >> it was deemed a crime scene they couldn't get the word out faster.
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>> an answer both parents are finding hard to accept. abc 7 news did reach out to the camp for a response but have not heard back. >> it's not necessary for a grieving father to be writing such an e mail. >> dr. ritenberg says after words were exchanged camp director as loued another counselor and friend to escort her body back to the bay area. >> he volunteered and said i don't want anaiis to have to go by herself. >> now, as a father prepares to bury his only daughter, he is reminded of the memories he says he'll always keep. >> she left me a voice mail both messages are just so beautiful. daddy i love you so much, do you know how much i love you? i don't want another parent to ever live date that we had to live on july 3. >> she will be memorialized next tuesday at uc berkeley alumni house, her service expected to draw hundreds. at uc berkeley abc 7 news head
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of the muslim brotherhood in egypt has been arrested and accused of inciting violence against pro testors in cairo using shields and helmets as they threw rocks and fired shots. 30 people were killed with more than 200 injured. here is a live look at tahrir square. there is a large crowd no fighting aparently. this week mohammed morsi was removed tonight we're learning nicaragua and venezuela are are willing to allow asylum to snow des den, late today venezuela's president joined in on the offer. he is now seeking asil yim in six countries.
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in effort to find refuge. the six countries have not been identified because the organization is concerned the u.s. officials may try to interfere with the process. >> one of the most popular popes in modern history has been cleared for sainthood. the vatican announced today john paul ii will be a saint by the end of the year. francis approved the miracle needed to canonize john paul. now this was not entirely a surprise, it was pope john paul who made him a cardinal. >> good to have a contemp rarey saint. it adds credence to the role of sainthood. >> pope francis waived rules to honor pole john 23.
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a tough day for the america's cup. today's fleet race cancelled because of too much wind ask sunday's first race is being threatened with a no show. abc 7 news reporter says the team is balking. >> by may decide to do not to race on sunday. >> he says the italian team is appealing changes to rule that's govern boat design and luna rosa wants to wait until monday morning. reaction from oracle coe was clear. >> they're acting like spoiled baby autos he points to what happened at the team store luna rosa pulled out after being told they cannot sell prada hand bags and other item autos at least the event does things their way.
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>> luna rosa does only have one sponsor and it's prada. they are saying they want to hear from the international jury. but without italy new zealand has no competition. only other challenger is still rebuilding after the accident in may. >> i'd say if you want to act in a childish way to try to threaten race officials and so forth, that is not support. don't come. >> this is leaving spectators disheartened. the jury meets monday morning. >> tonight money matters stocks ended the week with solid gains after a strong jobs report. the dow closed up and nasdaq up 35. and ending at 3479 for the day
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and the week. new numbers from the labor department show employers added 195,000 new jobs helping markets today. that is higher than experts were predicting. the rate remained unchanged, however,. and whole foods market announced a cheese recall. crave brothers lefrair's cheese has been linked to a bacterial infection that killed at least one person. >> some credit cards promise to let you check your cards free when you fly. >> yes. it may be mo
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mom... yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy.
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[ dad ] jan? ♪
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many airline passengers try to avoid check bags one man thougtd he found a better solution. >> a card that let's you check bags for free. not bad. so, does it work? >> well, kind of. you'll see. some airlines offer perks for are frequent flyers this is one of them. a card that let's passengers and companions check one bag for free. however, viewers say instead of saving money, this card
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wound up costing him more. greg and don from belmont were about to see their twins off to college for the first time. >> their twins never been apart. >> the family flew to hawaii to move their daughter into her dorm room, then to seattle to move their son into his. you can imagine the luggage. >> clothing and school supplies and computers and speakers for her it was curling irons. he had a rock climbing gear. >> nine suitcases. that is why greg signed foup for this explorer card letting greg and don each check one bag for free. >> if i'm taking three flights in two weeks that could be hand eye. >> he booked using the explorer card went to the airport and then, big let down. >> he said i'm afraid i'm going to have to charge you. >> he didn't get one free bag. neither did don.
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they were told to pay $25 for first bag, $35 for a second. either pay up or miss the plane. >> you don't want to miss the flight because you're haggling over a bag. >> the couple paid for the bags on the return flights, too. they got back greg called united. why didn't he get the first bags free? >> he said you need to use mileage plus card to get this benefit. i'm thinking duh that. is why i got the card i charged flights on the card. >> agents kept telling him it wasn't listed in reservations. >> it was aggravating. i did everything right. their response was well, next time do it right. and there is no refund. >> greg was unset because he pays $90 for the card just to get the free bag. then, wound up paying for them any waichl he kept asking for a refund. united kept saying no. >> tv is set to channel 7. i click it on.
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>> the couple saw me on morning news and contacted 7 on your side. the company tells us information required was not in the reservation. we reached out to mr. graves to explain the policy. it turns out greg booked the flight through and united says the mileage plus number was never attached however, after our calls airline agreed to refund $200 he would have received. >> wow so now it worked. >> it pays to wake up with channel 7 in the morning. >> ah-ha, see? united airlines say it may be easier if customers blook through the airline. bottom line it isn't enough to use reward cards have you to follow through and in this case it isn't always simple.
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>> sinus problems need surgery can leave patients with a painful recovery. >> now, an
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sinus problems affects one in seven adults in the u.s. but surgeries can have painful side affects now a company believes it has a solution. abc 7 news carolyn johnson has details. >> sheri and her partner love the outdoors but late yilee scent of the pine has been interruptded by infection autos some of the sinus is occluded so antibiotics wasn't getting to the infection. i was just sick. >> san francisco ear nose and throat specialist dr. terry kim recommended surgery. it's a common but uncomfortable procedure. especially when packing is using to allow this tissue to heal. >> had in patients who are
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using traditional methods it's swollen inside. >> the doctor turned to a new device called propel. it is a collapsible ring working something like a cardiac stent. expanding after surgery. first it's collapsed ton an apply indicator then space plaised into the repaired sinus immediately following surgery. >> when he's ready to deploy pushes thr button here to deploy into the sinus ootz implant delivers an antiinflammatory drug as seen here. saying it is well established in other areas of the body. >> area behind it was similar to what is used in cardiovascular devices you're putting in an implant opening up passageways in this case, the sinuses and then, delivering the drug locally were you need it she says it reduced the need for follow up surgeries by a third in clinical trials. the device can be removed by
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the doctor or left to dissolve. >> another benefit is that it helps prevent scarring which can happen as part of a natural heal prog ses. the body tends to like to cover over wounds with scar and that can be a problem in sinuses. >> for sheri result has been a comfortable recovery. she's now hoping the longer term benefits and her sinuses recover. >> i don't constlaint get sick, it will be worth it. it's no fun living with chronic infection. i'm an active person normally but i haven't been for months. hopefully that, will change. >> according to the developer, the device cuts the need for oral steroid medication autos seems promising. >> yes. it does. >> i'll tell what you sells promising. the weather forecast it s spencer? >> good description here is the bayway things look now we have mainly sunny skies and patch of coastal fog.
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a the santa cruz county coastline, otherwise sunny skies out there. it will be tomorrow as well. state wide high temperatures into central valley warm to hot side 90s in sacramento. 100 in fresno. 106 palm springs. here in the bay area another sunny, pleasant day. high temperatures ranging from upper 50s on the coast. it will be breezy, cool. to 70s around the bay to low to mid-80s. here is the accu-weather forecast. they'll drop off with no more heat waves coming our way. no weather temperatures. you can get information by following us on twitter. for alerts or tweets from your favorite team. >> this has been worth the wait. >> yes. >> thank you. >> yesterday we're talking a lot about dwight howard. >> that is right. big news. larry is off.
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>> the wait is over. dwight not coming here but warriors not all is lost. coming up in sports the sweep stakes is hover over. he won'ting come together bay area, warriors did acquire another all star. who is com ñ ñ,ñybit
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oorjs warriors maitd a strong run but dwight howard chose houston, not golden state, however did acquire another quality free agent. the 29-year-old agreed to a contract. he played eight seasons there before going to denver. he has a career average of more than 15 points. golden state traded to utah. the jazz got warriors number one pick in 2014 and 2017 plus multiple second round picks. golden state had to renounce rights to jarrett jack and
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card landry. they do keep their core together to get an all star player. the nhl free agency period is underway. san jose signed center logan coture to a five year deal. he led with 21 goals. they also signed tyler kennedy. and scott hannah. >> tennis fans got money's worth today as novack joka very much shrugged it out for four hours, 43 minutes. this was a classic. they split the first two sets here in the second a drop shot but he gets to it. they would go the full five sets by the end both players exhausted. a net and jokeavich enter was a lob. the crowd hering he has
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stamina to win. scores 75, 6, 7, 6, 3. britain's great hope andy murray took on jersey jannovich. this is wuchbt best points in the ma. murray puts ate way. he's done. this was match point so murray is headed back to the final for the second straight year, he's trying to become the first british champ at wimbledon since fred perry in 1936. the giants will try to turn things around at home tonight when opening a three-game series with the dodgers. matt cane gets a start. the a's are kansas city, hot dog. the guys may be running from joey chestnut. tommy malone is heating up the royals. oakland broke a scoreless tie in the third. eric with the bloop single.
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a wave home josh redic and a good throw should get him. it's way off the mark now in the 7th. a's lead 3-0. >> pga tour is in west virginia for the green briar classic. phil mickelson missed a cut for the third year this, looks like one of my shots. yes noorks the crowd. he had the shot of the day on the par 3, third from 180 yards out. nearly has a hole in one. he's five under four strokes back. and this abc 7 sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware so no dwight howard if they can stay healthy, they should be fine. >> that is a lot of horse trading. >> yes. >> they mafr yufred. >> they did. they've been winning for several years. >> right. >> they had a chance and went and got it. >> did they give up a lot? >> they gave up a lot of guys but except for rush those other guys they wanted to get
6:56 pm
rid of. not a big loss there. >> all right. >> okay. >> thank you. >> okay. >> join me tonight at 9:00 that is cable channel 13 coming up fastest growing jobs in california, plus the one job that most parents don't want their kids to pursue, at 9:00. >> then at 11:00 big worries tonight for thousands of students at city college of san francisco. the school's accreditation stripped. what students are doing amid fears their education won't count. >> some of the people under a real panic about what's happening. here is tonight's prime time line up starts with shark tank at 8:00. find out on shark tank and what would you do son at 9:00. then it's 2020 at 10:00 then back with abc 7 news at 11:00. >> that is right. we'll have all-important weekend weather forecast. and holiday weekend. >> exactly. >> that is it for this edition
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of abc 7 news. >> from all of us here thanks for watching. we appreciate your time as always, connect with us any time you wish. at abc 7 news bay area. >> have a good evening we'll see you later tonight.
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this is "jeopardy!" todays contestants are -- ...a graphic designer and computer salesperson from vancouver, british columbia, canada... ...and our returning champion, an i.t. consultant originally from florence, south carolina... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny gilbert. and thank you, ladies and gentlemen. ben -- i.t. consultant who has been playing extremely well, and, as a result, has earned himself a lot of money. carlos lice, welcome aboard,
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and good luck against this very good champion. here we go, into the "jeopardy!" round. we start off today with... es. and "british" will come up in each correct response. alex: and we're traveling all over it. ben, start. unusual american sports, $600. carlos. what is lar racing? yes. japanese cooking, $400. alice. what is rice? rice is right. so very "british" for $400, please. ben.


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